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How It Works

Why RedCap?



Add RedCap to your packaging and empower consumers to follow dosing schedules

Plus increase your sales

Set your customers & your business up for success

How it works

The cap shows when to take your next dose and auto-advances when it is replaced, making a satisfying “click”


The caps support virtually any dosing schedule and have a manual-adjust feature to set the first dose.



Window on cap shows when to take your next dose.

Open cap, take pills and close. Just like a regular bottle.

Window auto- advances to your next dose.




Proven results


Adherence packaging is proven to work.

A meta-analysis of 22,858 subjects from 52 studies found reminder packaging increased medication adherence 12.7%, from a mean of 63% to 71%.

Increase in consumption

Why RedCap?

Drug makers & retail pharmacies

Can use RedCap to help consumers with the 50% of medications they currently take incorrectly or not at all.

Vitamin and supplement companies

Can use RedCap to differentiate their products, compete on something other than price, increase sales to existing customers, and attract new customers

Pro consumer

Reach your consumers directly

Our caps empower your consumers to follow their dosing schedules. They train consumers to do well and remind them when they don't. Every day. Every dose.

And provide a better experience



Less Work


Caps work with your bottles and leverage your existing fill process and distribution network. They can be rapidly scaled and have an immediate impact.


Low Cost

RedCap achieves automatic function perfection with just one additional piece of plastic compared to a regular bottle cap.


Pharmaceutical, animal health, pharmacy, and vitamin/supplement companies can all benefit from RedCap.

Positive ROI for any co. that distributes pills

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Hand-Fill Caps

Increase adherence


Improve health outcomes


Reduce avoidable health care costs


Delight consumers, payers, and providers


Differentiate your product from competitors


Increase your sales




















Frequently asked questions

Are there any electronics in the cap?

No. The cap is made entirely of plastic.

Both. The cap has a manual adjustment feature to set it to the initial dose time, after which the cap automatically advances to the next scheduled dose each time the consumer takes their pills.

Yes. Our continuous thread caps work with all bottle sizes, neck finishes, and child-resistant systems, if applicable. We also have caps for bayonet bottles.

Yes, they can be printed or embossed with your name and logo or other instructions. They also can be made in different shapes and sizes and for different dosing schedules.

We can make the caps in any color. The inner ring and outer cap can be different colors.

Yes, we have both child-resistant and non-child-resistant caps.

Yes, if applicable.

Yes. They will screw on just the same as any continuous thread cap in a fill line.

Not currently. Our focus is on pharmaceutical, animal health, pharmacy, and vitamin and supplement companies.

Is the cap automatic or manual?

Are your caps compatible with my bottles?

Can the caps be customized?

Do the caps have to be red?

Are your caps child-resistant?

Are your caps compatible with seals?

Are your caps compatible with high-speed fill lines?

Can consumers purchase the caps?

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